Friday, July 6, 2012

Learn PHP By Easy Steps - Configuring Your Computer For PHP

Today I was Going to Share What I  got. It's About PHP Which is World Famous Programming Language And Most Easiest One to Study. Before You Going to Learn PHP You Should Have a  Web Server!  .. Dont Be Afraid Guys It's Not What You Thinking. You Can Make Your Computer a Web Server By following Steps.

  1. For Windows 

  1. There's Lot of Softwares  In The Internet But  I recommend You To Use the Wamp Server Which is Always Free  User friendly.   Download Wamp Server Latest Version  .
 Install it After You Download The Wamp Server   Wherever You Like. After Comnpleting The Installation steps. Run The Wamp Server. Then You Can See New Icon On task Bar. when It's in Green That Means Server Is Ready!. Now Go to Your Default Browser Then Type Like Below.

And Then You Got the Homepage Of a Server!Like a Picture Below!. the Root Of Your Server Is Situated Where You Installed It

* You Can See Your Projects Under Your Projects menu.

Guys Dont Worry! It's As Hard As It Looks!. You Know What? I Leaved Learning PHP Like 3-4 Times. Because I Thought It's Hard. But when I  came to Medium Knolodge Of PHP I Loved It. I Used  Do Programming as My Hobby.

This Is The End Of This Lesson! Let's See In a Another Post! 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Get Norton 360 and 2011 For Free - Full Tutorial!

How To Get Norton 360  For Free FULL

Today i will show how to get FREE NORTON 360 For FREE ..

LETS Start 
1. Download  Norton 360 from here
2. Download Crack Files from here

Follow this Video Tutorial 

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Before start to install this , we should know what is the beta version , so Beta version is a not release public yet but release for developers to check error and rate the IOS :D...

Take you are iphone/ipod/ipad :D and plug in to the pc.
NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE 5.1.1 VERSION ( better if you have factory unlock coz it easy to bypass )

Ok if you have ios 5.1.1 ( latest version ) just all u need to plug to u r pc
( please don't put recovery mood.)

Download iOS 6.x from here ( powered by download for
Download the latest version of iTunes from here

Lets Install 

1.Open up iTunes and connect your iOS device using your USB cable
2.Once you see your iOS device on the left panel, click it.

3.Hold down on the Alt+Option (Alt+Ctrl or Shift for Windows users) buttons and click the Check for Update button on the main panel
4..Select the .ipsw for iOS 6 Beta 1 you just downloaded from the mirror.

Click OK and let the iTunes do all the work.

Thats all

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Install Windows Xp,Vista,7 Using a USB Drive.

In a Last Week I was Looking Everywhere for  a Get Known How to Install Windows 7 Using a Flash Disk. Because I Thought My DVD  Drive is Dead. It Was Too Much Difficult to Find the Right Software. But Finally I Found It. It's Call  Win to Flash .   I Installed Windows Vista Smoothly Using That Great Software. Let's talk About What This Exactly Do.

1.To Get Boot From CD Or Any USB Drive  At  Start up of a Machine Your DVD Or USB Drive Should Be Bootable Device And That's What This Software Exactly  doing.

2. And As a Bonus  This Software  Also Copy The Installation files to the destination.

WinToFlash is a free and easy to use application that does something very useful: it helps you create a bootable USB installer for your Windows operating system. It basically takes your Windows installation disk and ports it to an USB stick. 

                                                            So Let's Do It

 1.First Download The Software By Vising This Link

 2. When You Run the Application You Will Get a Dialog Like In the Picture.

3. Just Click On The Button Said "Windows Easy Transfer Wizard.

4.There's Coming Another Window And Click Next to it.

5. Then There Should Be the Window Like In This Picture.

6. In this Window You Are Able to Input The Location Of Both USB Drive And Path Of windows Installation  Files.

7. When You Click Next on This Screen You'll Be Receive a Another Window ( Dont Worry That's the Last Window) Like Below Of  This Picture.

8. It Will Enable You To Choose The Operating System That You are Going to Install Using that Flash Disk,

9. Click Run Then Bottable process will finish In a Short While.

Making Changes To Bios 

If You Didn't Changed You Boot Order In a Bios Page. It  Would  Boot From Hard Drive Or Something. You Have to Do a Little Bit Changes to That Order. First Get Access to Your Bios Page Which Can Get By Pressing Delete or f1,f2 Key. And  There should be the Menu Called Boot Or Boot Configuration. go that And get Your USB Drive to Top Of the Boot order List. 

Then You Are Done!

If You Having Any Problems   don't be hesitate to contact me By Comments!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to fix Error 107 - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Today I was not able to log on to Facebook from my office PC. I just wondered because our system administrators haven't banned any web site for us. So I just check deeply and finally got the "Error 107 - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR" code.
Mainly this error because the host file in your PC been effected by a virus or a malware. I was able to fix it and would like to share it with you.

No need any deep briefing. Here is the solution.

To check if this is the case for you, click the start button, then Run. At the run dialog, type "%windir%\system32\drivers\etc" (without the quotes) and then Enter to get to the directory where the "hosts" file resides (Alternatively you can navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc). Backup this file somewhere first just in case your modification causes issues. Then, once you've backed it up, open it (in Notepad or something similar); you should only usually see " localhost" as the final entry; if there are more entries after this one, delete them (but keeping the localhost entry as the only one), save and close out of the modified file, then reboot. You might find your SSL problem is cured. A malware scan with something like Malewarebytes or Spybot would probably be in order, as well.

Please leave a feedback if this post help you or your are having any other issue.

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How to share your internet connection Wirelessly on Mac.

Sharing your internet connection on a mac is very easy. Because Apple Mac book's Hardware support for Internet Sharing. Sharing internet connection on Windows is not easy like on mac. Apple's Airport (Like wireless card on Windows Machines) does support sharing. I used to share my internet connection with my iPhone and I am able to connect to my Wifi network from outside the home when my mac book is in room.

The only thing that you have to do is just go to System Preference and click sharing.
Then select internet Sharing from the Menu and select "share your internet connection from" pop up menu. Ethernet for example.
Then Select "To Computers using" list, Select Airport and click Airport Options and give a network name and a password.

That's it. Your Airport will work as a wireless router.

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